«AQUA STAR the ultimate driving STARmarine»
  • The sizes: Leigth – 1.60 m. Height – 1.40 m. Width – 0.6 m.
  • Depth of immersing - to 20 metres.
  • Speed – to 7 km/h.
  • Finding time under water - 40 minutes.
  • Engines electric «Minn Kota».
  • Accumulators – automobile.
  • Respiratory system "AQUALUNG".
  • Recommendations:
On effective commercial use: immersing on 20 mines on depth to 12 metres. For immersing are used: the crane, a platform, etc. (including - from yachts; drawing) see. The cost of one immersing practised in the countries where already AQUA STAR use for commercial immersings (excursion, tourists.) – 70-75 USD for 20 minutes. Superprofitability. 1000 % annual! A payback period at partial (!) loading: from three weeks till 2 months!
  • Gas bags are not included into the complete set. They standard and them it is easy to acquire at-sight – in your country.
  • For continuous work – constant immersings it is necessary to have the additional accumulator.
  • During immersing on AQUA STAR the standard safety measures for diving and norm of safety are observed. (Instructions are included into the complete set).
AQUASTAR 2 – new & the BEST.

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