Sensation 2009!
The universal premiere!
The planet the Earth such yet did not know!

AQUA STAR – revolution in the industry of water entertainments, rest and tourism. Superprofitability.1000 % annual!
Presence in your hotel AQUA STAR will favourably allocate you on the general background of identical services (entertainments) among competitors. Absolutely inexpensive, convenient and easy-to-work device pays off during one season, and even faster! As the device the instructor the passenger – the tourist feels operates much more confident and protect than if it carried out independent immersing with diving equipment.
Besides, all experts know, how it is a lot of restrictions on a state of health for immersing with usual divers equipment. Forget about them! The majority of these restrictions acts in film for those who wishes to try excursion on AQUA STAR. The underwater motorcycle allows the person to plunge without any special equipment. Thus the case of the swimmer is in water, and a head – in some kind of a helmet, as a matter of fact, being a diving bell. AQUA STAR is freedom and comfort. Besides, AQUA STAR it is possible to use not only since early morning till the late evening, but also to organize excursions on the night sea-ocean, including as a part of group (2 and more devices). More cheerfully and more safely! Together with good campaign underwater walk becomes for your clients new and best impression of this summer!
AQUA STAR – sensation of a season 2009!

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